Why honesty in self-presentation matters a lot for Ukrainian women?

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Honesty is very important per se, but when you are planning on winning the heart of a woman you like, nothing can be more important. Relationships based on lies, never last. Just imagine – you think that you’re going to meet a beautiful and interesting woman, and instead you see an unattractive person, who won your interest by the skillful usage of Photoshop. How would you feel? You’ll feel yourself deceived – and nobody likes this feeling.

Therefore, while setting up your profile on the marriage or dating agency web site try to be as discreet as possible about the things you really like and the traits you are truly looking for in a woman. The woman, who will like you, will accept all the sides of your personality. Maybe she will be looking exactly for you. One can never know. Photos that you will put on your profile must also be real and not photoshopped. There’s no need to upload many of them – upload a few that show exactly how you look.

Ukrainian women are not accustomed to deception. They are honest themselves and will expect the same from you. They don’t care that much about the looks of the person, because they are looking for certain traits of character, and if you possess them – consider that they will at least talk to you and give you a chance to interest them.

Ukrainian women are looking for serious men, or at least those, who are looking to create a family. If they decide to address dating or marriage agency it’s a sign that they are ready to settle down. Therefore, if you are not planning on marrying in the nearest future or are unwilling to create a family – indicate it on your profile and those, who are still in doubts about settling down, but eager to meet a foreign man will respond to your letters.

Just imagine – you’ve uploaded a photo, where you were young, your eyes were shining with joy and your head was full of beautiful hair. But in reality you are already over thirty, you don’t smile that much anymore and your looks have notably changed.

Woman interested in your profile will be expecting to see the younger you and if your relationship goes as planned she will ask you to come and meet bride in Ukraine. Of course there’s a chance she won’t care about the difference in your looks, but this chance is so small that it isn’t even worth mentioning.

She will feel herself deceived and will certainly be quite upset. Ukrainian women are very polite and modest – therefore, the woman will not run away and leave you standing there. But the relationship will not develop and it will turn out that you’ve spent all that money on tickets and so on in vain.

However, if the woman sees the real you and wants to continue communication and form a relationship – you’re on the right track and that woman may someday become your wife.