Tips on choosing the ideal Russian woman


Currently, the Internet is swarming with various dating sites, offering people to meet their second half. And sites, where you can meet a Russian woman are among them. Therefore, you should first of all decide which site you will be using. To do so, you need to check its credentials, make sure that it is protected – this will increase the chance that the site isn’t a scam and that women there are real.

Once you’ve determined the site you will be using – it is important to set up your profile properly. This means that you will have to be as honest as possible, because if you upload photoshopped photos or photos where you look must better than in reality, the woman you will be meeting will not be happy about and this may ruin the relationship that you will be building for some time.

After your profile is set up and the photos are uploaded – it’s time to start your search, you need to determine women of what age you are interested in and ort the results accordingly. If you are over forty – remember, that 20-year old girls may not reply to your letters, as the age difference is too big. The acceptable age difference for single russian woman is 10-15 years.
After you’ve made up your mind on the age of the women, you need to create a list of those, whose appearance you find pleasing. Carefully look through their photos and choose only those, who are truly attractive for you. When this is done, you need to read their profiles to determine their language skills, occupation in life, hobbies, wishes, dreams and so on. By reading their profiles you will eliminate those girls, who are not suitable for you.

As soon as the list has been shortened even more – it’s time to send the chosen women a message. First message must be decent and include the following: a compliment to the women appearance, not a cheesy one, too, a couple of words about yourself and several questions, which you would like to know about the woman, you are writing to.

Remember – Russian women are quite modest and they will not understand overly flirty messages. Don’t go overboard with the details about yourself. Give this woman a chance to ask you something about you, if she shows interest. After you receive the response from the women, you’ve wrote to – read them all and scratch out those, whose responses you don’t like, or who, you feel, have responded just out of respect.

You must manage to narrow your list down to those, who as you seem are interested in you. After that, send these women another message, replying to their questions and asking yours. At this point you will be able to ask more personal questions. If the woman replies the 2nd time, this means that you can be sure that she’s interested in you. Therefore, after a couple more letters or messages, you can offer her to speak face to face in Skype.

Usually, when you’re talking to a real woman – she will agree. Skype video chat will give both of you a possibility to see each other – which is extremely important. While talking to woman via video chat try to be respectful and funny. If everything goes as planned, you will be able to narrow down your search to one or two women, which will eventually lead to your visiting her country. In case in person your opinion about her and her opinion about you doesn’t change, you can consider that you’ve found an ideal woman!

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  1. While you can’t date only girls, it’s important to show that you have a sense of your own worth and moral compass.

  2. Just remember that a woman’s body is her own and will always take precedence over her appearance.

  3. A man who has these qualities will be more likely to be trustworthy and reliable than a guy who is not.

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