Swingers – sexual feelings

Many couples feel the urge of strengthening their erotic vocabulary. These urges lead sometimes to more sophisticated forms of sexual pleasure. In an effort to increase and diversify their sexual feelings, a man making love in unusual places, practicing all possible and impossible positions, uses a variety of tools and toys for sex, but once there comes a time when all of this diversity is found to be tried, all sexual techniques have been studied and tested all the poses – man wakes up and changes partner. Swing – is a name that people gave for those who exchange sexual partners between the two, and sometimes three (married) couples. One category of the swingers think that swing – is the way to a new society, in which the unrestricted freedom of sexual relations between people contributes to greater understanding, thus getting rid of lies, anger, envy, total miscommunication and impenetrable spiritual loneliness – in a word, the majority of ills and evils of our time. For this category of complex swingers love and its physical expression – sex is the main value in life.

People in the second category practice group sex just for the sake of entertainment and enrichment of their personal intimate experience. An example – clubs for swingers San Jose are opened to all who feel same urge.


Swinger community is very colorful and diverse in composition. There is no age limit or restrictions to become swinger (of course, except for those who, because of age cannot or no longer able to be sexually active.) Among swingers, we see representatives of various professions and nationalities. It is known that the majority of people practicing swing and have solid material prosperity.

Usually swingers find each other through mutual recommendations or telephone numbers of their former partners. They can also place ads in newspapers. These announcements are written with special, encrypted language that is incomprehensible to the uninitiated person. Typically, these ads get amorous couples, but there are posts written by single men or women. Classic swing involves a date for the exchange of two pairs of partners and nights in new combinations separately. Sometimes, in the course are involved three, four or more people.

San Jose swinger clubs usually use two phases – the formal and intimate. In the first phase participants undress each other. In order to make the process more exciting – undressing, use all kinds of gambling (cards, roulette, etc.). Sometimes at swingers clubs all present arrange so-called collective striptease.