Russian brides, post engagement problems.

sexbrideaIn order to help solving this issue and realize what is the problem we asked for help of the famous psychologist, who mentioned that she often deals with the complaints from women who actually got to the point with proposal, but are not able to go any further as they are stuck, and cannot do anything about it, well there are no many things that can be mentioned about it.

Maybe the groom, too, needs a respite in order to weight everything. Maybe he is looking for a lawyer (many people use the services of lawyers in order to obtain the visa of the bride) to start the process, or maybe he is trying to deal on his own and start collecting the necessary documents.

Or maybe he has problems with some documents or something is not in order. Of course, if the uncertainty is prolonged, it is worth to talk and share the concerns with the bride, or maybe after all that man is scared of all the difficulties and material costs for process of obtaining the visa. In this case there is no possible advice. Some people are able to wait patiently for the end of the process, and some people cannot easily go through the difficulties and as a result they immediately break up. … Each of the couples has their own situation.

Also it is a fact that there is a need of the language in the country where they relocate, and the family, where they are going. It is all clear. Even if you don’t plan to work after getting married, you will still need the language to deal with future husband, his family, his children if there are any, or his friends. Then again, everyone has his own way-someone is going to courses, or hires a tutor, the other people teach their selves by watching movies in English, and of course having long chats on the everyday basis with the future husband in order to understand each other better, as well as in order to improve English speaking skills.rusianbride

Every issue can be solved, if communicating with each other, but the problem is that not a lot of people can or a willing to communicate with each other. Russian brides think that as soon as they were proposed and they accepted, than that’s it, there is no point to do anything else, and they can finally stop tending to something else, but the problem is that it is that as soon as after the proposal two people are supposed to communicate even more than before in order to keep that special something that they have towards each other, and to help it rise into something greater, that is the true meaning of being happy and keeping the relationship.

Life is full of surprises, sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose, it is important to keep in mind this little fact, and to learn that in some situations it is better to give up on some not significant things in order to have the ability of winning something important. Two people should learn meeting each other on the halfway, and it is a rule for each kind of relation, whether being close to each other or communicating on the distance until the moment when the bride will get her documents ready for arriving into the Motherland of her man.

Another point that Russian brides should be aware of, is the fact that there is no man in the world who would love to hear complaint all the time, foreigners are looking for Russian brides in the first place because their women have become very spoilt and are not paying the needed attention to them, and eventually if they will see same situation from Russian brides whom they brought from far, they will realize it is a mistake and useless waste of money. No one needs something like this. So knowing this information will help building a strong and everlasting relation.