Online Flirting

How many words can be said in an email or an instant message to lure someone to a cup of coffee? You want to take that woman on a first real date? So what are some tricks you can use for successful online flirting? Key to successful flirting is humor and honesty:
Sense of humor is the best friend of every person. After all, humor is very sexy, as well as self-confidence – girls just sink it. Always smile. Write e-mails or sms to attract people. Let your answers be simple and questions easy. It is not necessary to write long posts. Typically, any idea can be expressed in several sentences.
Compliments are necessary for online flirting. Praise the person with whom you date. It is very important to hear from a beloved one that you are good at something or beautiful. Here are some standard 10 phrases for online flirting:
Where did you get this incredible smile?
What ice cream you prefer on a hot summer day?
How do you think what is more romantic, watching on the moon with your beloved one or watch the sunset?
What would you do if you were stuck in the mountains in a snowstorm?
If you will invite me to a romantic evening, then what will we do there?
What you prefer to do during your free time?
What is your favorite country and what place you want to visit the most?
Do you play some kind of instrument? (Ask about something in the questionnaire)
Wow, this is your cute golden retriever? (Make a compliment about something or someone from his / her photo)
When are we going to so that I can kiss you?
Invoke sense of humor and good spirit when online flirting. This is the key to great friendship or serious relationships. Some people do not understand jokes and will be rude to you. But it’s only natural that people are different so you must think out of a way to get their trust and satisfy them.