Online Dating Scams

If you are looking for love at online dating websites, then be careful with money you cannot buy love, and that mistake could end up losing money. Fraudsters in chat rooms and online dating sites are trying to insinuate into someone’s confidence and win the love, then to persuade them to send money. These online dating scams are also called sweetheart Swindle, love or a swindler. In fact, the circuit is very simple. Swindlers are luring you in love relationship. The purpose of these online dating scams is to make the victim in the end permanently transfer cash. In the past year, according to statistics, victims of love lost an average of three thousand dollars. Options for online dating scams vary, but typical fraudster begins to weave a story about how he (or she) got into the financial mess. In the end, the victim sends the money out of pity.

There was one case – the woman gave the man 35 thousand dollars. They met on a dating website. Within four months, the two talked a lot online, as it happens at the beginning of courtship. He even sent her flowers and a declaration of love. Then he started asking for money to pay for medical treatment of his 11-year-old daughter, who, he said, was with a congenital heart defect. This was all a fraud. In the end, the woman took a loan to send to the scammer even more money.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, you must know their tricks:

They ask you for money right from the start.
You will be told from the start that he or she is in love with you.
The person claims that he is a citizen of your country, but that he lives abroad.
The person asks for your help in business or trying to draw you into some kind of deal.

No matter what desperate the situation is, do not give the money. And for God’s sake, do not take a loan to pay them. Remember that trying to solve the financial problems of your partner does not mean love or devotion to the relationship.