Let’s agree to disagree

gay datingYesterday I had a little fight of opinion with my big sister. She went to the mall to buy different thing for the house and while she was leaving someone approached her to the exit to ask her what is her opinion regarding gay marriage and if she is ok with that. They even had some kind of quizzes where they would tick for the answer that all the people gave. 

I don’t know exactly what happened but when she came home and told me all about it and I asked what did she said, the answer she gave me was that she signed for no, that she doesn’t agree. To be honest, I was a little shocked about her answer. Not because it was something that I never heard before, but I never heard from her. Because she is pro gay dating. She does nor have any problems with sexual orientation of anyone. For her lgbt dating is exactly like straight dating and she is ok with choices that anyone has. I have and she has gay couples as friends. I have to say that at the moment I really had a strange reaction. I was so pissed. The first thing that crossed my mind was to ask her what will she do if she would have a gay child? Will she tell him that she doesn’t approve him to get married with his boyfriend? Or how will she explain her choise when Gabe and Jim, our gay friends, that she signed for being against them? I have to be honest and say that I might over reacted  because the poor girl tried to explain to me that she was cornered and she didn’t really paid attention at what she write there. But really you can’t talk to me and make me understand so easy, because when I am very agitated about something you can’t talk, you just have to listen and listen again until I finish my monolog and after that to try and talk.gay dating sex

I kept her an entire speech about how it will be when I will have a son and I will learn him to love everybody, no matter what sexual orientation he or she will have and I will tell him that no matter what he likes I am ok with that. After a while, she explain to me that she was full of bags and she didn’t know exactly were she put the tick because she was only trying to get rid of them. Of course that I knew she wasn’t lying because I know how open minded she is and she couldn’t ever do something like that really meaning it.  I ask myself another question now. Why were those people making those quizzes? I didn’t hear to be any activities around here regarding the lgbt community, because if t were I would more than sure be there for support.  Well, maybe if she would paid more attention now we would know what all those was about, isn’t it? And also, maybe, she would tick the right answer.

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