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The don’ts list on USASexGuide: Top rules on adult forums

Once you have joined and became a member, you should learn the don’ts list on USASexGuide. Moderators are pretty strict, and breaking the rules can cost you membership.

Relax though, things are very easy there. Other users can always give you a piece of advice in PM, and the team can take your position if you explain them what happened.

Do not cross the line

Other users’ privacy should be respected. Do not argue with them in threads, always go straight to the point and solve the rest in PM. Do not reveal users’ real names, etc.

The same comes to escorts personals who also have their accounts and personal threads on USASexGuide. Do not post private photos from your sessions with call girls, it’s forbidden.USASexGuide dating

Follow the hierarhy

Beginners who use the forum less than 6 months, cannot take part in offline activities organized by senior members. Also, some older members may send warnings to younger ones.

It should be ok for you since only admins are higher than them. Once you turn their position as well, and if you are active enough in threads, you will be able to educate newcomers as well.USASexGuide online women

Don’t order escorts

It may sound contradictory but ordering escorts right on the forum is in the don’ts list on USASexGuide. Read the info about call girls there, but make your order on the official listings.

Otherwise, you can contact providers there, reply to their threads, and send PM.

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