Olesya and Jack- happy international couple

international coupleOlesya had a pretty impressing history of ex boyfriends at her home in Ukraine. She had an admirer who after meeting her married friend at her birthday has started a relation with her. The other admirer on the second date has made her a confession about the fact that he is married, thank God not on the fifth or sixth the moment than i would have been totally in love with him. And the third admirer after our not very lucky date on the skating rink, seeing that there is something with my leg (I stretched a muscle and it really hurt me) has advised me to call the emergency and left me there in this condition. The fourth and fifth admirers clearly gave me the hint that they would have been very happy to move into my apartment in Kiev. And my number six date has told me that he would love to start living with me, so called “civil marriage) but no kids together in the future, I am wondering what kind of woman would ever be able to agree with that?! At that time after each of the gone wrong relationship I didn’t want meeting anyone else at all, but some time later I had to go all over again through the process because the time was passing and my biological clock was ticking.

A friend of mine, Vera who married with a man from Atlanta has advised me to make some nice pictures, and after that place a profile on a matrimony online agency. At first i thought it is a very stupid idea and i would never be able to do that, but after my wrong date number seven, I realized that it might be my last chance, or I will go to convent (joke).


So I placed a profile, and the next day I woke up having five messages from Jack who lived in Maryland, Nick from Detroit, and Dexter from Chicago. All of those letters were very pleasant as they all were writing nice things and compliments to me. But there was something about Jack’s letter that made me look at his profile a few times that day, and I caught myself on the thought that i keep checking if he is online or not. And when I finally so him online i almost jumped from joy, and could not understand my own reaction on this man.

My mom once said, do not introduce me to any of your boyfriends until the time when at least one of them will start spending all of its Sundays with me. At that point i didn’t realized why she was doing that, but now I really do. As soon as Jack came to visit me the first time, right from the beginning he kept spending all of his Sundays with me, when he was at my hometown we were doing all kind of activities during which he was always making me laugh and I felt myself so happy, and even after he left we could talk eight to thirteen hours in a row on Skype with each other, sometimes one of us was falling asleep in front of the computer, and in this case the other one was going to sleep to, but without finishing our video call.

The last time when he visited me, we said bye to each other, but he kept watching me until i found my train on the metro station and got into it, he was watching me with a smile, although he could have missed his plane because of that. Before leaving he said that the vacation we will spend together, after which i will visit him in America on Christmas.

So in a few months we went to our trip to Montenegro, it was very beautiful there. On the third day I started having a strong toothache, so he found me a doctor and paid the entire bill without giving me any chance to refund him all the money that he has spent on me. Because of my poor English I could not explain to him all of my feelings, even know sometimes he has to ask me twice in order to understand what i am trying to say, and all the time he is so patient, and yesterday once again told me how much he loves me. I visited him on Christmas as promised, and only five months after that was our wedding. Since that time almost two years have passed, and today i will tell him the great news about him becoming a dad, that is his biggest dream now.

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